Pre-owned Trucks For Sale in Tulsa, OK

    Every truck lover wants to get as much as they can for their buck when the time comes to replace their old vehicle. Purchasing a used truck is an ideal way to maximize savings and feature access simultaneously. Let’s take a look at the benefits of purchasing used trucks below.

    A Wider Range of Options

    Used truck inventories tend to be more varied by far than their new truck counterparts. Used inventories often contain more variations of each vehicle by trim level, installed packages, and specific feature loadout. They also occasionally host vehicles that are no longer in production. The lower price of used trucks means you can use the money you save to get your hands on higher trim and feature levels than would be possible with a newer version of the vehicle.

    A Chance to Reduce Depreciation, Taxes, and Fees

    New trucks lose up to 20% of their value within the first year of ownership and between 10% and 15% each year after that. Choosing a one-year-old truck allows you to gain value without paying the percentage that would normally be required. If you choose to, you can use the savings you gain this way to cover a more well-equipped truck if you wish. 

    Used vehicles can be cheaper to insure than new vehicles since the insurance company benchmarks for coverage are tied directly to vehicle value. Depending on where you live, your registration fees could also be cheaper with a used car. Finally, purchasing a used truck will incur less in the way of sales taxes than new versions.

    You May Find a Truck With Your Desired Build

    It can cost a pretty penny to customize a new truck to the specifications you desire. It is far more affordable to go for one that is already built to or near to your specifications. Even if it lacks a few of your desired options or packages, it will be cheaper to have them installed than it would be to outfit a new vehicle. If you favor trucks with heavy off-road capabilities, you’re probably in luck. 

    It is not uncommon for off-road-capable and fine-tuned trucks to be traded in for newer versions each year, especially higher trim level trucks. Head to Chris Nikel Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat, and you can find incredible savings on an almost new used vehicle.

    You Can Handle Warranty Concerns by Getting a CPO Truck

    Certified pre-owned trucks are used trucks that have gone through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that the vehicle is in the best condition possible. Most CPO plans include some of the same features as warranty plans for new vehicles. The most common forms of certified pre-owned coverage granted by CPO plans include a limited powertrain warranty for the engine, transmission, and other related components, and a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers most internal systems, like your infotainment system, driver’s console gauges, and climate control systems. The duration of these forms of coverage vary, so check with your dealership for details.

    Used Trucks Are Built To Last

    Used cars last around 150,000 miles on average, with luxury and electric versions having slightly longer life spans. Used port utility vehicles max out at around 200,000, with versions geared more heavily towards high-performance off-roading lasting a bit longer. Used pickup trucks have the longest average lifespan of the three vehicle formats, generally running out of steam around the 300,000-mile mark. 

    This means an investment in a used truck is by far superior to investments in used cars or SUVs under the vast majority of circumstances. A used car may look like a great deal, but you’ll have to go through two of them to cover the mileage a single used truck would manage. That is not including repair costs, which would increase expenses even further.

    Used Trucks With VH Reports Are Particularly Reliable

    Another easy tactic you can use to save a boatload of cash on a used truck involves making sure the one you purchase has a complete and detailed vehicle history report. These reports go into detail on all of the incidents, repairs, and other issues that have taken place during the life of the vehicle. It is always best to lean towards trucks that have had fewer collisions and other issues requiring repairs or part replacements. 

    A truck may look nice on the outside, but if it has a rough history, it is more likely to break down long before that golden 300,000-mile mark. Most reputable dealers are more than happy to provide you with detailed vehicle history reports, though some charge a small fee for processing them. If the dealer absolutely refuses to grant them despite the ease of doing so, consider it a major red flag.

    Used Trucks for Sale at Chris Nikel CJDRF

    It may be tempting to buy a cheap truck from a random small-town seller, but you never really know what you’re buying when you go that route. Major dealerships grant vehicle history reports readily, they offer superior warranties compared to small sellers, and they are generally more accepting of trade-ins. Trading in you old truck can cut a chunk out of the ticket price of the used truck you’re interested in. 

    Depending on your location and what you are purchasing, it may make you eligible for a range of tax-related benefits equating to hundreds of dollars in savings.  Keep an eye out for used truck-related dealer rebates, too. Those can save you a pretty penny as much as the tax advantages can. Finally, dealerships are usually happy to finance your used truck purchase, so you don’t have to pay the entire ticket price outright. 

    As you can see, there is a wide range of advantages to buying a used truck at a major dealership. To get your hands on the truck of your dreams with affordable terms, head over to Chris Nikel Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Fiat in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our experienced and attentive team will gladly answer all of your questions and help get you into the dependable used truck of your dreams.

    Used Trucks for Sale in Tulsa, OK

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